Now we are in here can we just say thank you so much for creating this.  It is precisely what we wanted for our small business and is exactly what is needed.  Please can you pass our thanks up to the team.  This is a lifesaver for those business with some software capability and technical expertise. Brilliant. Thank you again for providing this elegant solution. Best.

Dan – Chartered Surveyor, Bristol

Thank you for your speedy response to my problem. The information you gave me is completely correct and has worked, I managed to submit my VAT return in time. It does appear the new update of windows does not allow you to enable macros in the "trust and security settings" even though the check box is filled and clicked ok. I fully understand downloading the Absolute VAT filler to your computer hard drive, then opening it from the hard drive probably fools windows into thinking it is coming from a trusted source and then allows the use of macros.  This certainly worked for me. I am sure many other businesses using the Absolute VAT filler will experience the same problem. Just to say I feel the Absolute VAT filler is an excellent system, it allows my small business to continue using a tried and tested, reliable and simple Excel spreadsheet system. Again, many thanks for your help. Kind Regards

Clive Jones (Clives Electrical Limited)

I couldn't be more pleased to have chosen Absolute Accounting’s Excel VAT Filer software. I don't understand why so many are making MTD so complicated and expensive. I'm saving my clients a small fortune by being able to continue to record their accounts on spreadsheets as I've been doing for 20 years without the need for expensive accounting packages such as Sage etc. I'll be renewing my licence shortly.

Noel Scaling

Your filer is truly excellent and I'm very glad indeed that I chose to go with you. I was actually quite worried about how complicated it all sounded when HMRC moved to digital VAT filing a while back but your system really does make it very easy and straightforward. 5 stars :).

It is so hard being a small business having to keep up with so many changes (not just HMRC - Vehicle Maintenance, Pensions, Health and Safety...) which are very difficult to get my head round at times. Your software enabled me to continue using my own excel sheets for VAT, not have to change to a Software Accounts Package which I probably wouldn’t have been able to understand or afford.

As I said for me your MTD software is AWESOME.

I have just used the Absolute Tax VAT Filer - and it was so straight forward. I am both impressed and relieved. Having worked in IT for 32 years I was delighted from the start. The intro video on the Absolute Tax website gave clear and detailed instructions of how the VAT Filer works and it was all completely true. The software does exactly what it says on the tin! I had been prepared for hours of trial and error but My first MTD VAT submission has gone completely without a hitch in about 30 minutes from start to end. Thank you Absolute Tax for making what seemed like a daunting and perilous task easy, reliable and reassuring.

David Scott

Yes the software was brilliant, easy and was exactly what we was looking for. As all our accounts are recorded on simple excel spreadsheets, using the software to link the data with a few clicks was perfect for our style of accounting. When submitting the VAT filer to HMRC, in less than a minute it was done, very easy and user friendly. We would definitely recommend this software to any business who uses Excel spreadsheets for their accounting.

Korin Smith at Equity Will Writers

Having always filed my VAT returns by hand, and not using software to keep my VAT records given that I only have about 50 invoices a year, I wanted a VAT filer that was straightforward to use.  I looked at other software recommended by HMRC and all were far too complicated for me.  I found that Absolute very much met my needs.  From the introductory video it was clear that the Absolute VAT filer had been designed with people like me in mind.  I found it easy to use, the programme was based on familiar software (Excel) and the guidance was clear.  I was impressed with the support I received.  My first submission went without a hitch.  I am now confident that by using Absolute VAT Filer I am able to manage the changes that HMRC are introducing as of April 2019.

Dr Simon Fleminger

The software was easy to use and with the support of your team to talk through it went through quickly and our Vat return was paid within days. 

Lisa Norledge on behalf of Paul Norledge

As a Microsoft Excel user I needed to find a way to link my current spreadsheet to the new HMRC VAT system (Digital VAT) I came across the excel filer created by Absolute Accounting online, after viewing a short online video which showed me the simplicity of using it I decided to go with it. I have now had the opportunity to use it in real time, filing my first VAT quarter as part of the HMRC trial and I can confirm it works great, a good bit of kit at a responsible price for the excel user.

Simon Goodwin at Petnap Limited

Great Service today and so easy , being a absolute novice with XL etc it was so simple. Many Thanks once again. I am very confident going forward using this software and would recommend this to absolutely everyone.

Graham Robinson at Kings Lynn Oval Racing

I would recommend the MTD Vat Filer software as it is a cost effective, simple to use solution with good support from the Absolutetax team.

Simon Corcoran at David Howard (UK) Limited

I found the software easy to use and the support from Absolute was very helpful.

Colin Luke at Colin D Luke & Co

Like a lot of IT contractors, my requirements are pretty simple. I maintain my accounts in Excel, and all I really need is some automated way of submitting my VAT return via the API. MTD VAT Filer has allowed me to do that. Once I'd got the username and password, it took me about 5 minutes to set up the links and make the submission. All in all, very painless, and definitely recommended for other people with similar circumstances to mine.

David Jackman at IRQ Ltd

I had been concerned about the introduction of MTD for VAT for some time, mainly because I could not see how to avoid the significant cost and time commitment of signing up to a software supplier for a range of services that I did not need.  I do the accounts, payroll and VAT for three very small family businesses and have always used my own homemade Excel spreadsheets entirely successfully. I was very relieved when I found Absolute VAT Filer that appeared to be a piece of simple bridging software.  Despite some slight reservations based on my inbuilt scepticism, I have found the system does exactly what it is meant to do.  I had a minor hitch when submitting the first return, but Absolute responded instantly and resolved the issue. So I have already filed my first return (to 31/12/18) and will submit for another company after the end of this month.  I have set everything up for that company and am confident it will go smoothly. I have no reservations about recommending Absolute to anybody who loves their own Excel spreadsheets and simply wants bridging software to comply with MTD for VAT.

Brian Cox at Seadew Ltd

I used it and found it straightforward. It dispels a lot of the myths surrounding MTD.

Peter Hughes at P D Hughes Consultancy